Saturday, November 12, 2022

How Iain Armitage’s Arlington Roots Led Him to Hollywood’s Biggest Stage

Iain Armitage hates wearing socks while walking on carpet. So when a scene in Young Sheldon, the hit CBS show on which the 14-year-old Arlingtonian plays the title character, called for him to rub his socked feet on carpet before touching an anti-static chair, Armitage hedged.

“I try to be as not-annoying as I can on set in terms of asking for things,” Armitage says, “but I actually said, ‘Could I put plastic bags over my feet and then put them in the socks so I can’t feel the material?’ Our sock lady, Ms. Monica, gave me this look like, ‘What?’ but we did it, and I was able to get through the scene with my life.”